Girl Scout Cookies Diamond Sauce – by Pegasus420


All new Girl Scout Cookies, we all love the good old girl scout cookies. What could be better? One of the best strains GSC made into this amazing diamond sauce. Take a dab or layer some on you’re next paper, whatever you choose this sauce is great and will make for a journey of a lifetime.

Diamonds and Diamond Sauce are one of the strongest THC extracts in the world with 90%+ THC. Diamonds are even stronger than the best shatters and extracts available.Diamonds Sauce or Terpene sauce, or more accurately and scientifically known as High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE), is a high potency cannabis extract that is extremely high in aromatic terpenes. The result: a concentrate comprised of 97-99% THC, with the added flavor and medicinal benefit of strain specific terpenes.



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